About us

We are a team of professionals and amateur magicians deeply in love with Magic. Our passion about the Art of Magic is shared with our passion about Design.

In the end of 2017 we teamed up with an incredible team of designers and illustrators from, literally, all over the planet, to put on paper - and later on t-shirts - some crazy ideas we had in mind and then - TADA! - Mister Hocus came to life.


We ended up with hundreds of sketches and cool ideas, from which we chose a special selection for our first line of products.

At Mister Hocus we are extremely proud of the amazing job all the artists collaborating with us have done. None of the designs can be found anywhere else, just on this website. Every single one has been created from scratch for Mister Hocus.

We wear our products ourselves and love every single one of them. That is why we make sure to choose just the best, artists, quality t-shirts and professional printers with top of the line printing technology. We put a lot of love, magic and detail in every step of the process, because we want you to love the t-shirts as much as we do.

We don't stop creating new designs and concepts and we are always adding new stuff and collections to our website. Do not miss them!

We are very happy to bring to you Mister Hocus - Cool Stuff for Magic Lovers.